I’m _ an entrepreneur/lawyer/nurse/creative/returning mother/career changer (fill in the blank)_ is this course for me?

Here’s the good news. Step Up School is for any woman who feels stuck and wants to create change in her career. The unique combination of personal and professional growth you will go through as part of the programme will change up your career or business, no matter your industry or career stage. So far in Step Up School, we’ve had brilliant results for everyone from corporate lawyers to growth entrepreneurs, make-up artists to architects, public sector workers to stylists, as well as many women returning from career breaks. Each of them has grown as a result of the programme and achieved incredible results. In fact, lots of them have told us how much they love Step Up School. Scroll down for their stories.

I’m busy over the next few months when the course is running. How much time will I have to commit?

Step Up School is an online course designed to fit around busy lifestyles. It’s hosted on an interactive platform, which you can access from any device: you can download material, keep a checklist of completed modules and watch videos all on the site.

Whilst you can go deep into each topic and invest significant time, you can complete the modules and see real benefits in your career and business by just committing 1-2 hours a week. This could be in the evening, on the walk to work (everything is on podcast as well as workbooks) or even in the bath!

If you’re not able to carve out that much time at first, don’t worry. You have a year's access to the training, so you can go through the materials each week as they’re released in the student portal, or you can slow things down and work at your own pace. Most of our students have full-time jobs or businesses and families.


How will I access the Step Up School community?

We know that our community is almost as powerful as our game-changing content. Here’s how we’ll make sure you get access to that energy and inspiration:

The Facebook Group

Our Facebook group is where you’ll find the whole Step Up School community. All our students – Online and Inner Circle – come together in here to share experiences, offer support, find accountability partners and create opportunities for each other. We’re proud of the inclusivity and warmth of our Step Up School community. So far through the Facebook group, students have garnered votes for award nominations, found new jobs (through friends and even with other Step Up Schoolers!) and gained plenty of advice and inspiration. Think of the Step Up School Facebook Group as your new champions – a group of women who are all there to support each other in any way they can.


We, Alice and Phanella, will be present in the Facebook group regularly to answer your questions and provide guidance, encouragement, and feedback during the live program. Just hashtag #AskStepUp and we guarantee your questions will always be answered by us.

Coaching Calls

It’s important to us that in Step Up School, you never feel lost or left behind, so during our two implementation weeks – weeks 1 and 6 - hop on live Coaching calls with Alice and Phanella. They’ll tackle your toughest questions and provide guidance to move you ahead. We also record all calls so you can listen and learn at your convenience.

Step Up Circles

When you join Step Up School, you’ll automatically become part of a Step Up Circle. Your Circle – comprising of up to 10 other Schoolers – is an active, encouraging and supportive place where you can ask questions, share experience and find workout partners. Some of our workouts ask you to discuss a topic or issue and that discussion will happen within your Circle. Step Up Schoolers often become great friends, trusted colleagues and even business partners.

Team Step Up Support

We take your Step Up School journey seriously. If you have technical issues or are simply having a challenge you need help with, write to [email protected] we’ll take care of you as quickly as we can.

Annual Party

You know us, we love a party. Every year we’ll bring all our Step Up Schoolers and Alumni together in a major UK City to celebrate our collective brilliance. This is your chance to meet your Circle in person, connect with your supporters from the Facebook group, drink Prosecco, hang out with us and generally network in a supportive environment. First stop: December 2018 in London.

I’ve bought other online courses before and have been disappointed. I’m worried this is “just another course.” How is yours different?

Step Up School is based in our deep expertise and experience running courses and coaching women to achieve their dreams. The course is action-oriented, practical and transformative. We both care deeply care about you — our students. But we are also true experts in our field with many hours of coaching and training under our belts, as well as Phanella’s Accredited Executive Coach status. You get access to us several times a week, and lots of support to help you make the most of the learning and community along the way.

Step Up School is closely based on our sell-out Step Up Inner Circle which has been running since September 2017. Read the testimonials on the homepage to see previous student’s take on how the Step Up School experience has changed their lives.


The course represents an investment for me. Is it worth it?

Step Up School Online is £499 or £190 per month. This is around a third of the cost of our Inner Circle.
The quality of the content and support is equivalent to other online courses that cost around £2000.
Most importantly, we know that the benefits our students experience are priceless.


What will I actually get by the end of the course?

At the end of Step Up School, we promise you will have:

  • Defined Your Success
  • Built Your Personal (and Business) Brand
  • Grown Your Confidence
  • Expanded Your Network
  • Found Your Mentors
  • Visioned A Brilliant Future

But the power of Step Up School isn’t just in our accredited content. Nor is it, like so many online courses, in secret formulas or systems. Step Up School is a transformative experience. It’s proven and practical. In Step Up School there are no gimmicks, just a powerful journey that will take you to a place where you can leverage your strengths, grow your career and find the success you want and deserve. You’ll do this through learning, yes, but also through the relationships you forge. We know that Step Up School is the first step to a career you love: one that pays you well works around your life and brings you happiness every day.


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